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Musician Nina Markert Plays With Heart and Soul at Menifee Lakes Country Club

Summer tends to elicit weekly doses of live entertainment and musical performances, and the Mountain View Lounge at Menifee Lakes Country Club is no exception.

On Monday, July 23rd musician and singer, Nina Markert will be hosting an open mic night of sorts from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Musicians from all over the surrounding valleys will join Nina to showcase their original music, collaborate cover classics, and entertain the crowd with a mix of musical instruments including the harmonica, violin, guitar, bass, and vocals.

Nina has been playing guitar since she was a mere 12 years old and strutting her singing voice well before that. Completely self-taught, she has a deep love and appreciation for all things musical.

She actually got her start in the fourth grade, when she realized she could leave class early if she played in the school band, and so it began. She started out with the clarinet, then moved on to drums, and eventually met and fell in love with the guitar.

Her introduction to on stage performance landed her all girl band, the Roxz, first place in the Battle of the Bands in 1977. Needless to say, she’s been rocking hard ever since.

She has played all over the world, from San Francisco up to Washington and Oregon, over to Hawaii and around on down to Japan, and Germany. But today she calls the IE home and enjoys playing in Temecula and Menifee.

Her regular set includes all her favorites ranging from country and classic rock, to soul, blues, smooth jazz, and even some oldies (but goodies). She loves to cover classic songs, to feel the emotion in the lyrics, and to convey that to her audience.

Music is very much a part of Nina’s life, and lucky for us, she is gracious enough to share her God given talent with an audience. Come see Nina play, this coming Monday at Menifee Lakes Country Club.

Monday, July 23, 2012
5:30 – 8:30 PM

Mountain View Lounge at Menifee Lakes Country Club
29875 Menifee Lakes Drive
Menifee, CA
(951) 672-4824 x.111

Skate Park to Come to Menifee

Skateboard enthusiasts throughout Menifee can breathe a sigh of relief – a skate park is coming to Menifee.

Having been rumored to open since Menifee’s official conception, a location has now been set in the Audie Murphy Ranch development off of Newport Road.

The skate park will be a part of the Audie Murphy Ranch
development off of Newport Road.
Set to open in March of 2013, the fully equipped skate park will be accompanied by a public Sports Park. This area will also include basketball courts, soccer fields, playgrounds, and 11 acres of fun for the community.

Councilmember Darcy Kuenzi, who spearheaded the committee that jumpstarted the project, knew that this idea would be beneficial for Menifee from the start. 

“There have been inquires about the lack of activity in Menifee," she states. "We need more healthy activities for our youth to participate in and there is a high demand for a skate park, and that is my overall goal with this committee.”

A campaign group called the “Menifee Skate ParkProject” turned toward Facebook last year in hopes of getting the community involved in the crusade for the construction of a skate park. With hundreds of “likes” on their page, the plea is clear – Menifee is tired of trekking to other cities to skate.

Although it is still in the process of being built, the highly anticipated skate park is already being supported on a larger scale.

Professional skater Justin Gordon is part of Hurst Industriez, which will be sponsoring the new park. 

Justin Gordon, a professional skateboarder and soon to be Menifee citizen, is a part of the Hurst Industriez team that is sponsoring the grand opening of the park. He intends to play a hand in the construction of the park and ensure that “they will cater to the needs of the skaters while still remaining cost effective.”

Justin has also found that community’s with skate parks flourish.  “You see it all the time in communities that have skate parks, the kids are much more active and involved,” he observes. “It’s a great way to get kids off the streets and get them moving. The crime rate also tends to be much lower in these areas.”

Dennis Chapman, head of the Audie Murphy development with Brookfield Homes, has been quoted saying “He feels that while it is not a 'world class park' that the Skate Park Project had been dreaming of, it will be a very nice skate park with elements for skaters of all skill levels.”

This sign awaits eager skaters at the new location for the park.
To find out more about the Audie Murphy Ranch neighborhood visit their site here.

For more information about Justin Gordon and Hurst Industriez, visit the company website.

Menifee Real Estate and Homes for Sale

It's no secret that Menifee city officials have faced a huge challenge ever since the city was incorporated in 2008. Inheriting and modifying old county ordinances to meet the demands of a diverse community within a new city structure has not been an easy task.

By the same token, it has sometimes been challenging for city council members to represent those diverse interests and stay on the same page with one another. As Mayor John Denver put it Thursday, "Some of us want to have Beverly Hills and some of us want goats and chickens."

Thursday may go down in Menifee history as the day those on the fast track and those on the country path found common ground.

Meeting in special session in a strategic planning "retreat" led by an outside facilitator, city council and staff members identified the top goals and objectives for Menifee in a six-hour meeting that appeared to help unify the council at just the right time.

"There's this self-perpetuating theory around town that the members of the city council can't agree on anything," City Manager Bill Rawlings said after the event. "I think you saw today that it isn't true."

The event was led capably by facilitator Marilyn Snider, who in 32 years in this role has worked with more than 100 cities in team-building and goal-setting strategies. Staff and city council members sat in a semicircle in a conference room at Mt. San Jacinto College, exchanging ideas and sometimes meeting in small groups. A very structured format set by Snider kept city officials on track and resulted in clear objectives for the growing community.

"I was pleasantly surprised to see that the council agrees way more than I thought we did," said council member Sue Kristjansson.

Added council member Wallace Edgerton: "I was not looking forward to this, but I thought it was very well done. I'm pleased with the way the council and staff came together."

In the meeting, the city council and staff laid the groundwork for a three-year plan by identifying five top priority goals. They are, in no particular order:

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